Trip to Puerto de Mogan

On this trip, you will have the opportunity to visit Puerto de Mogan, one of the most beautiful coastal villages in Gran Canaria. This charming village was built around an old fishing village in the 1980s.

Your journey will depart from your hotel in the morning. After the transfer, the bus will take you along the coastal road to visit the most popular southern beaches of the island, such as Anfi del mar, Puerto Rico and Amadores.

After arriving in Mogan, we take a walk through the small streets leading to the harbour. The wonderful Mediterranean style houses, with their small architectural details and the various flower gardens give off a special atmosphere. In the town, you will be captivated by the buganvilla flowers in every colour of the palette.

Afterwards, we take a walk along the beach and the fine sandy beach, then visit the yacht marina. Afterwards, we will take a look at the city from the lookout. From the lookout you can see the harbour of Puerto de Mogán and the coastal bay.

After the walk, you have the opportunity to go for a swim or do some shopping at your leisure.

The price includes transfer costs!